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There are several places where people can get a general, unsecured personal loan and use it to pay off accumulated student loans. Unfortunately, these personal loans will often have a higher interest rate than the student loans did. A homeowner could take out a home equity loan to pay off student loans, but then the borrower is assuming more risk by putting their house on the line.

Probably the best solution, if you wanted to replace your student loans, is to go with a specialized student loan consolidation service like the popular one listed below:

Offers Federal Student Loan Consolidation loans, both for Federal Stafford (students) and Federal PLUS Loans (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students). To be eligible for this loan, you must be a student or parent with federal loans that have not been consolidated previously, out of school and in repayment of your loans (or will be graduating within six months), have more than one lender that holds your loans and be over $15,000 minimum in loans.

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Student Loan Consolidation

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