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Here is a short list of some popular and helpful credit and financial listings from other sites across this big Web. If you operate a helpful financial website and wish to exchange info, please let us know.

An affordable dental plan is a great idea where you receive discounts from participating dentists in your area. There are plenty of options available. You can also purchase an individual or family dental insurance policy and really reduce what you're currently paying to your dentist.

Automobile Loan Offers Online are available online from several major lenders. You can save time and money on your next new or used automobile loan. Your options are not just the dealer and the local bank any longer. may be the best way to go if you have substantial debt that grows every month. You can consolidate your credit card debt, get rid of the high interest payments, and work towards cleaning up your liabilities. will show you top listings of online merchants with easy to get card offers. If you credit history is poor (or limited), you may not qualify for a rewards card or no-annual fee card, but you may qualify for an unsecured card designed for people with average credit.

Credit Repair Help Guide is a handy resource for finding credit repair companies. You can either fix your credit all by yourself, or you can use a repair service that specializes in doing it.

Pre-paid cards are a terrific option for individuals and couples with poor credit. They are also a good option for parents with college students. A parent can fill up a card whenever their son or daughter needs it. By pre-paying, the card holder is never surprised by a big balance that they can't afford to pay off.

Opportunities are available from most large banks and card issuers. If you have a credit card for your business, you can leave your business checkbook and petty cash at home. It can really simplify your tax accounting as well.

Callaway Guide is a new resource for students looking to find their next school.

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