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Credit Repair Service
If your credit report isn't in very good shape, you should do something about it. There are two different options you could take to fixing your credit: (1) You could do it all yourself and contact all credit bureaus yourself and convince them to eliminate items from your report; (2) You contact a repair service company such as Lexington Law that will do the dirty work for you and argue your case with the credit bureaus.

Lexington Law Repair
Lexington Law Repair is a law firm specializing in credit repair. They have helped thousands and thousands of individuals repair their credit by removing misleading, inaccurate or unverifiable items from their credit reports. Everyday they are challenging virtually every credit problem you can think of, including tax liens, bankruptcies and charge-offs.
Tired of being turned down for credit.

Monitor Your Credit:

TrueCredit Monitoring Service
A pro-active credit monitoring and notification service with comprehensive privacy and fraud protection features. It provides the tools and information for you to take your own actions to help protect yourself and your credit rating against identity theft. They keep you informed and empowered about your credit.

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Credit Repair Service

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